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Sponsors and

The Airborne Museum would not exist without its sponsors and donations from members of the public.

Renovating a museum and giving it an international allure can only be done with sponsor funds. We are very fortunate that various companies and organizations have attached their name to the Airborne Museum.

With their support, we can fulfil our dream. Young and old – and future generations – can learn about an important episode in our history. Operation Market Garden must never be forgotten.

The museum intends to remain in close contact with the world around us. We will therefore keep developing new programmes, displays and educational projects. We are always seeking new sponsors to support us in this endeavour. We guarantee a collaboration that is beneficial to all parties.

If you would like to talk about this, please send an email to Mrs Sarah Thurlings, director of Airborne Museum Hartenstein, .

Donations and bequests

Fiscal benefits

Tax legislation makes it attractive to donate and bequeath to public benefit organizations (ANBIs). Airborne Museum Hartenstein is such an organization.

The legislation allows both donor and bequeather to benefit. The Airborne Museum does not have to pay gift or inheritance taxes, which means that the entire sum falls to the benefit of the museum.

One-time donations

If you donate only once, the sum is deductible from your taxable income, provided your donation is at least 1% and at the most 10% of your total income. Your tax advantage can be as much as 50%.

Periodical donations

Would you like to donate under attractive tax conditions? You can arrange for this at a notary’s office for at least five years. There is no minimum amount and the entire sum is deductible for you. The Airborne Museum pays the notary’s fees.

For more information,

please contact Mrs Sarah Thurlings, director of the Airborne Museum, email: Or you can phone the tax information line: 0900 0543.



Our sponsors

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Rabobank
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Rabobank
Zabawas Arcadis
Zabawas Arcadis
VSB Fonds Provincie Gelderland
VSBfonds Provincie Gelderland
V-Fonds Gemeente Renkum
V-Fonds Gemeente Renkum

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