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We are especially proud to be able to display the bugle of Lieutenant-Colonel John D. Frost, who was the commander of the troops that reached the Arnhem Rhine bridge. In July 1945, Mr E.R. Oosterwijk, a member of the Nijmegen air-raid precautions service, supervised the removal of rubble at the Rhine bridge. While he was loading rubble, he spotted something shiny amongst the debris. It was a bugle. Mr Oosterwijk took it with him, cleaned it and beat out the dents. The inscription showed it had belonged to captain J.D. Frost.

In 1997, Mr Oosterwijk donated this extraordinary item to the museum. In September 1989, the family of Major-General Urquhart, the commander of the 1st British Airborne Division, donated to the museum his division flag, which had flown in front of Hartenstein Villa during the Battle of Arnhem to the museum. In 2009, the family donated a camouflaged coat, bearing military insignia, the major-general had worn during the battle.

In 2009, after the renovation of the museum, the Ter Horsts donated a doctor’s coat in 2009. It had been worn by Captain D.R. Martin, one of the physicians at the Regimental Aid Post in the parsonage of the Dutch Reformed Church in Oosterbeek-Laag during the battle.

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