Welcome at Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'

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Airborne Museum’s collection

The Airborne Museum’s collection focuses on three areas:

  • Unique exhibits related to the Battle of Arnhem and, to a lesser degree, the whole of Operation Market Garden
  • Unique exhibits related to Hartenstein Villa (the Grade 1 listed building that houses the Airborne Museum)
  • Unique exhibits related to the history of the Airborne Museum Foundation

The Airborne Museum Collection Foundation (Stichting Beheer Collectie Airborne Museum) owns the exhibits.

The collection comprises unique historical artefacts and written and audio-visual source material.


  • Robert Jan Dil (chairman)
  • Wim Duyts (secretary)
  • Adelheid Ponsioen (treasurer)
  • Margret Vincent
  • Robert Voskuil

Prized exhibits

The bugle of Lieutenant-Colonel John D. Frost,  the 1st British Airborne Division's flag, Urquhart's camouflaged coat bearing his military insignias and Captain D.R. Martin's doctor's coat.


The Airborne Museum warmly welcomes donations of authentic documents and artefacts related to the Battle of Arnhem or Operation Market Garden.

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