Welcome at Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'

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Airborne Experience
To Feel = To Know

The underground Airborne Experience showcases the war in all its intensity. Here you will feel the impact of the violence on the young boys who were desperately fighting for their lives.

You will follow in the footsteps of a British parachutist.

You are briefed on the mission. You board a glider. Through its windows you can see it takes off from England and flies to the occupied Netherlands.

Suddenly, you are amidst the bitter fighting in the streets of Arnhem. You wander through imposing war scenes created with authentic footage, surrounded by cleverly constructed dummy buildings.

Light, and the lack of it, is used ominously against an audio backdrop of the annihilating war: gunshots, explosions, shouting in English, orders in German, frightened people in hiding.

You approach the Arnhem bridge and follow the retreat to the perimeter around Hartenstein Hotel. Finally, you retreat back down the Rhine River.

It’s an intense experience.

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