Welcome at Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'

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Briefcase Brim
Full of stories

The Briefcases Brim-full of Stories educational programme was developed for children in the last two or three years of primary school (from 10 years old) and the first year of secondary school.

The visit to the museum

The pupils and their escorts are welcomed to the Airborne Museum by a volunteer of the Educational Service. Together, they watch the introductory film in the educational room. Then the briefcase project is explained, after which the pupils investigate the museum in pairs. Each pair is given a briefcase containing a variety of clues related to the unique story of an eyewitness to the Battle of Arnhem. They learn, in a playful and challenging way, the story of some children who were between 8 and 16 years old at the time of the Battle of Arnhem and of some German and English soldiers. There are eleven different briefcases (additional briefcases are available for larger groups). After 45-50 minutes, the pupils return to the educational room, where the adventures with the briefcases are briefly discussed.

Finally, the pupils and their escorts visit the Airborne Experience. The pupils can look back on an exciting museum visit that lasted approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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