Welcome at Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'

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The Airborne Museum is the museum about the Battle of Arnhem of September 1944. It is housed in the imposing nineteenth-century Hartenstein Villa (the British headquarters of Major-General Urquhart during the battle). The museum offers both history and experience. Civilians and veterans alike bring the stories of that time close to the world of the pupil. The museum provides insight into the decisions made by the leaders, servicemen and civilians who were involved in the battle.

Tailor-made educational projects that give pupils a great deal of room for interaction and research, allow them to empathize with the history. The Airborne Museum has its own educational room, equipped with modern teaching equipment. All materials and activities are developed and tested in collaboration with teachers. There are special programs for international students and exchange programs. 

Primary schools

Personal stories about the Battle of Arnhem are central to the programme for primary schools. The pupils are given room to independently investigate. 

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